747 Nose Pointing Up

yes agreed! Or use IFA and step climb with that but either way FL220 is way too low and unrealistic.


Hmm. Got disconnected last night due to network error from live server . Will do again tonight and try to climb to FL350.

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Hmm ok. Will do Fl350

Same problem at FL320.
I put estimated 18hrs worth of fuel but now with my cruising speed it’s going 86% power to maintain the set speed decreasing the amount of fuel

Planes at cruise will always have a slightly upwards pointing attitude. This is perfectly normal, but given how the IF physics for the 744 and 748 is somewhat outdated by now, it is perfectly normal to see unrealistic flight physics from older aircrafts like these. In real life, planes all would also have a slight upwards attitude as well.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Just thought the pitch seemed weird :). I had to end flight because I wasn’t going to make it on a 10 hr flight with 18hrs worth of fuel :(.

Your airplane does need to be pitched up this high to keep enough angle of attack on the wings to create enough lift to keep you in the air. Trim will not change this. Only your weight, speed, and altitude will affect how much of a nose up attitude it will require to be in level flight. (The heavier, slower, and higher you are, the more nose up it will require to maintain altitude)

Being pitched up is not a bad thing. Several aircraft are known to be very efficient in this attitude, the 787 Dreamliner family for example.

You are most likely trying to fly too fast. Flying slower at about 0.84-0.86 should be sufficient as well as being at a lower initial cruising altitude (followed by step climbs as you burn more fuel). So, don’t necessarily be afraid of the flight to DEST reading red, the plane will burn less fuel as it gets lighter. As long as your time to DEST doesn’t exceed about 1:30-2 hrs more than your fuel, you should be ok

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Check this out.

Seems to have the same problem as me . Will try with flaps at 10( that’s what they said.)

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I am a at Fl320 cruising

Hmm thanks for the info

If you use simbrief to plan fuel loading and flight planning like I do, I recommend adding a P10-15 fuel factor when flying any of the 747 variants due to the unrealistic physics. Yes, it is natural for the plane to be pitched up in cruise but the fuel burn characteristics are not that good

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