747 Nose Pointing Up

10% - or +

Seems like you already fixed it. No need to change the trim.

I am already going 343 Knots airspeed hehe dont wanna get violations.

but the nose still pointing up.

Whats your current altitude?

No airline flys level. They all fly with the nose pointing up about 3° to generate lift needed.

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22220 feet.
I sent a pic above.

ok just seems a bit weird

There was no altitude info in the picture lol. Are you cruising at that alt or are you still climbing?

lol forgot to send hud. I am cruising. I dont think this happens with other planes right?

The nose being above the horizon? It happens to other planes as well.

Also are you sure you wanna cruise at FL220? You can extend your range by flying higher (but not too high of course).

Hmm. Ok will climb to FL350 maybe. Thanks for your help anyway. If it is a problem maybe just a physics problem from IF. Old Plane. Otherwise just normal I guess.

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Go to FL300 at most if you have full fuel pretty much. And every few hours climb to FL320 then FL340 and then too FL360 and you’ll be fine.

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This is called step climbing which you can learn more about here :D

Na going to bed. :)

I think am fine with Fl220

Good scenery :)

Id recommended atleast going to FL300 as at FL220 is slower. Like said above every few hours just add 2000 feet onto your alt.

Well, you can’t blame unrealistic physics if you aren’t flying realistically to begin with.


They are going to bed, so they can’t step climb. But FL220 is way to low