747 Nose Pointing Up

As I write this, I am flying the 747 on Infinite flight. For some reason the nose is pointing up despite being on VS-0. I put some negative trim but its not working.
Does anyone know why and what I could do to fix this problem?

Is there still a pink line in the trim box?

yes there is.

You need to adjust trim so that there is no pink line

So how would I do that?

Do you have any picture that we could see? So I could better visualize what your talking about…

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A nose up cruise is not uncommon on heavier jets like the 747 so there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the 747 is a pretty old bird in Infinite Flight so the physics may not be all too realistic. A photo would help us a lot to see if there’s something else playing about.


I may risk quitting the game tho.

its ok I will do it

Oh alright then… but I think the answer to your problem is maybe your aircraft is overweight…

I am going to send a pic

Why? If the aircraft is stable and you have enough fuel, it’s not uncommon with 747 to fly weird, the physics are many years old, and needs a rework. There’s no point in exiting because it’s not flying flat. No aircraft flys level, most times the airliners have about 3° of positive pitch. But some of the older aircraft point down, and bad physics and there’s nothing you can do, but if you’re pitching up high, and you’re at a high altitude, i suggest going down because you may just be a bit heavy for the flight level

I think might be overweight. Filled with a lot of fuel coz going from LHR-LAX I think I put about 18hrs worth. Did not fill cargo and passenger section but close to full.

Then that’s your answer :)

I dont really think so. Is this what happens in real life?

Set your trim to positive like 35 and then move it up or down until that purple pink line goes away, also what’s your flight level? and full weight of your aircraft

Ok done. However it is still pointing up despite there being no purple line.

Press and hold on the trim button, then slide down until about 10%. If the pink line is still there, keep slowly trimming until it is gone.

It is normal for the airplanes’ nose to be above the horizon. They are normally in between 1 degrees and 5 degrees I think. If your nose exceeds 5 degrees, I suggest either speeding up abit or descending to a lower altitude.

When you put negative trim, the nose goes down but then comes up again.