747 Lovers Unite! New York flyout @KJFK - 181700ZAPR20

                   747 Only Event!

Hello everyone! This is my first event, so please tell me if I get anything wrong. Speaking of first event, this event is going to be a huge flyout located at New York’s JFK airport. All pilots signing up for this flight must comply with the 747-only policy. We start off with the 747-200 flights on top, and end with the 747-8 flights on the bottom, so look for the plane you want! Look below for available flights, if there are none left, just message me and I’ll make an exception for another gate. Also, make up any flight number you want! Use the given airline and it’s call sign, but choose any flight number you want. Fly Safe, and I wish you Buttery landings!

All gates are in Terminal 4B

To CYYZ: Air Canada 747-200, Gate 38 @campeloneto

To LPPT: Air Portugal 747-200, Gate 36 @TheAirborneShep

To LIRF: Alitalia 747-200, Gate 34

To LEMD: Iberia 747-200, Gate 32

To LGAV: Olympic 747-200, Gate 30

To EGLL: Pan Am 747-200, Gate 28 @Ri-spotter

To FAOR: SAA 747-200, Gate 26

To LFPG: Air France 747-400, Gate 24

To EGLL: British Airways 747-400, Gate 22 @MissRosa

To PHNL: Delta 747-400, Gate 27 @MrAirplaneGeek

To EHAM: KLM 747-400, Gate 29 @Andrey_Wing

To EDDM: Lufthansa 747-400, Gate 31 @mcribb1

To VHHH: United 747-400, Gate 33 @titto135

To ZBAA: Air China 747-8, Gate 35

To RSKI: Korean Air 747-8, Gate 37 @philippine217

To EDDF: Lufthansa 747-8, Gate 39 @RileyBozina

Just leave a comment if you want to join, or ask any questions.

It’s on April 18!
Be there by 1700Zulu time!
This Event is in the Expert server.
It’s at New York’s JFK International Airport

Thanks so much for reading this post, and please consider doing one of these flights if you have the time!
Fellow 747 hugger,


No one has replied? Man I’d love to join, count me in! ;)

Thanks so much! Your in!

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No worries! ;)

Sad noises
I don’t play IF lol, but I sure would join if I played!

Reserve for me pls
Great event!

Awesome! You’re in!

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You don’t play Infinite Flight? That’s a shame, I would really love to have you in this event.

Unfortunately I don’t, I’d love to fly the British BrUhTiSh 747. It’s said on my profile that I’m here only due to #real-world-aviation

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Just a little question, is there any other cost to play IF? (obviously there is the download cost, but aside of this) @MrAirplaneGeek

EDIT: me randomly seeing THIS

(US$1 is around R$5)
Discount ends in 5 days

If there are no additional costs, I might join flying the BA 744

Yes, you have to pay 10 USD a month to play, and you have to be grade 3 to participate in this event.

Yeah, I’m sorry, but I unfortunately won’t be able to participate. Thanks for the offer and the info tho!

Thanks for considering joining. You’re welcome for the info though!

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May I take that one?

Thanks for joining, you’re in!

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Nice event! Can I get the pan am route?

May I take this route?

This will be the first event I will be joining (other than FNF). would love to do this route!

May I have this please?

You’re in! Hope to see you there!

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