747 Landing Competition @ TNCM - 050800ZSEP17

Server: Training

Region: Carribean

Airport: TNCM

Time: 0800Z

NOTAM: 747s only. Doesn’t matter what variant or airline.
Come show your 747 landing skills at TNCM! Spawn at TKPK and fly up to TNCM.


Ga 1B -
Ga 1C -
Ga 1D
Ga 1E
Ga 1F
Ga 1G
Gate 1 - @Mic_Barredo
Gate 2 - @AllegiantAir
Gate 3 - @Qantas737guy
Gate 4 - @Pilot999
Gate 5 - @Joshua_Bayes_Green
Gate 6 - @Sam_Jacobs1
Gate 7 - @Alpster
Gate 8 - @Chris_Carca
Gate 9 - @Declan_O

Judge(s)- @Fynn


Game! Lets do this! :)

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I’ll be there. Can’t wait to get the 747-200 out of the shed.

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@Mic_Barredo, you have Gate 1 and @AllegiantAir you have Gate 2

Don’t put 747’s in a GA spot!

Okay. I’ll change that lol

Hi, I’m new to infinite flight live. Can you tell me how this works in detail? And I don’t know where gates are or anything as I have not been to st Maarten? Please let me know, thanks!

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wahey, this is going to be good.

Gates are places you spawn at.
Do you have carribean region?

Gimme a gate though I’m not 100% sure I can make it, I’ll try though.

Ok, let me know if you can’t come.

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I’ll be there, Drop me a gate

Alrighty mate lemme do that quickly

@SirPilotOfAviation you have gate 4
@Joshua_Bayes_Green you have gate 5

Il be there for sure! Gate?

Please remove me, I won’t be able to make it.

Ok then. That’s fine.

rip out of all the aircrafts for me the 747 is the hardest to land

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Noooo I’m flying in real life then :/ Otherwise I would attend

What are you flying on?

What do you mean? I don’t understand:/