747 in Infinite flight

I was just wondering what the max altitude is in the 747 in IF.

I took off out of EDDF headed for KEWR and climbed to FL380. The plane’s speed stopped rising at like .75M and almost stalled out. I had to drop down to FL320 in order to have an ideal and comfortable flight.

I looked online and it says the ceiling is FL410. Is this because I set the fuel to heavy or does the aircraft need an update?

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It might be too heavy or your vertical speed is too high. All aircraft in IF are realistic with the same stats as in real life.

That’s perfectly normal. Often ULH flights will cruise below FL300 for the first part of their flight, and why we need VNAV


Don’t climb to FL380 with the heavy plane. First climb to FL 320. After a few hours, you can climb 2000 feet higher and after more hours you can do it again.


For the Max Altitude of the B747 in Infinite Flight, as well as other aircraft in IF, you should look here:

Yes I saw that which is why I am asking.

@Snelweg_A15 My vertical speed was 2500

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That’s a little much for the higher altitudes. Keep it in the low 1000s, I never go higher than 1600 FPM past FL300