747 Hotel


Look at this I was looking at planes like usual, and I saw this! I was and am very impressed


That hotel located in Stockholm. Interesting. I’ve seen many related videos about this before.

I would love to sleep in that cockpit!

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yeah me too and put your phone on the yoke and play IF


It is probably one of the coolest hotels to me! I’m pretty sure out here in Cali there’s a 727 hotel but the mighty 747 as a hotel is super cool. I’ve seen some pretty cool videos on it. Very interesting hotel. I’d pay extra to sleep in the cockpit! I shouldn’t even say sleep as I’ll be up all night in that thing.


the engines are also rooms!

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Yeah, I remember watching this video on youtube about this guy that booked a room in the engine.


Even though this is cool I would like to stay in Hilton lol, I want to have at least some space in my room

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Oh they are pretty roomy in that 747

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Looks pretty cool. I’d love to stay there.


Showed my son the video and now he is busy planning our trip.


Simply Aviation also made a vlog, about this:


I’ve been there! It’s really cool. My room was the black box room at the back of the 747 and my parents were in the cockpit room.