747 fuselage cut out

A cutout of a 747 fuselage. Showing the levels of a 747.
Thought it was pretty interesting so I decided to share with my fellow community members ☺️image


Such a wonderful aircraft. Before you know it, they will all be extinct.

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The 747 will still be used for a while longer as a cargo aircraft.


They’re already retiring most of them for the updated version of the plane. Which is also pretty nice, I seen a video taken by a pilot of first class and business

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. I understand an update for passenger travel but not for cargo.

Dang, that’s an interesting photo. Is there a story behind it or did someone spontaneously decide to chop a plane in half 😂

My guess is it was either decommissioned or retired and salvaged for parts? But it’s still very interesting

The nose gear is gone! That’s some crazy balancing act!

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Kind of reminds me of touch and goes I was doing one time and on for a full stop I forgot to deploy the gear and landed with no gear. Couldn’t figure out why I came to a full stop on the runway and why my thrusters weren’t working 😂

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Not that crazy… All the weight is at the back haha


Makes for one intersting landing procedure

Nice photo, looks interesting looking at a 74 like that

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It looks like an Egg

The other half is at the national air and space museum in DC. You can go in the cockpit and the upstairs cabin. i was in it.

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I can’t wait for them to be gone lol. They are amazing but their era ended. It’s time for the A350 and B777X to take over long hauls.

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Yeah I was gonna say the nose is probably a museum thingy, I need to go there soon.

@pidge nobody just decides to spontaneously cut a plane in half 😆😆

You’re absolutely right! It’s time for a newer generation of aircraft to take over. Gonna be weird not seeing them though.

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