747 fuel usage

Hey guys I was just flying from EDDF-KJFK and I was about 7 hours and 30 minutes in when I ran out of fuel. The only problem is that I brought 11 hours of fuel with me. So I’m really confused on why I lost so much fuel. Does the 747-400 take up extra fuel ? Thanks for the help

Aircraft 747-400
Altitude at the time ran out of fuel - 37,500 ft

Well, the North Atlantic has really high headwinds and that could be why. I’ve used 15 hrs of fuel once on a 7 hour flight


I think there is a glitch with the 747 where it uses too much power at cruise. The only way counter this is for me by cruising with flaps 10, but that’s so unrealistic, so I don’t fly it that much :(.

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I would use simbrief for fuel figures as it will factor in various things such as winds when it gives you a cruise alt, speed and fuel. This is not a support issue in my opinion.


Yeah sorry wasn’t sure were it was supposed to go

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I personally don’t believe that the 747 fuel burn is accurate in Infinite Flight. You burn a crazy amount of fuel on climbout, more than you should as far as I know. I could be wrong.

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@Gman fuel consumption of the aircraft will depend on a lot a of different factors, your climb rate, cruise height, weight of aircraft, trim etc etc.

Generally I have found the B744 fuel consumption fairly closely matches what Simbrief/ FLTPLTOIF tells me to load, basis following the flight plan, step climbs etc.

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