747 fuel usage/ flaps

The 747 realistically can’t make it from anchorage to KORD at realistic fuel, only max in this game, irl it can. But if you put the flaps at 10 it can make it?? that’s not realistic. So if you guys do not mind, can you look into the 747?



From Anchorage to where?


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And yes, the 747 can make that flight. I flew KLAX - YBBN (12hrs) a couple of days ago.

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it can but it requires so much fuel, it can go up to 24 hours almost, but the actual flight time is 13-15 hours max…

Hello🙂 i didn’t understand what you were saying off the bat thus removed my first post but feel free to vote here if you would like to see the 747 reworked

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Although the 747 deserves a rework, fuel burn is not an issue and is up to par in my opinion.

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ok, how do i vote on mobile

Open the thread by clicking on it and hit vote at the top of the thread👍

I understand what he’s saying. He mentioned how, let’s say to go from KORD to PANC you need 65% fuel (not the actual amount, just giving an example). But in IF, if you were to bring 65% fuel, you wouldn’t make it. You would have to bring 100. But in the 747, 100 fuel only gets you like 8-9 hours of flight

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I recently did VHHH-KLAX on a B744, and only loaded about 85% fuel. Flight time was about 13 hours.

If you are having trouble, I would recommend steep-climbing. It saves fuel a lot and can get you farther.


I did this flight a couple weeks ago:

This makes me wonder if you are planning the flight correctly. Try using SimBrief.com to plan flights.

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😱😂 that looked quite funny there Luke, especially since you meant the opposite from ‘steep’


Hey, just to clarify, Cathay Pacific Cargo uses the 747 from PANC to KORD, with a FT of 5:04

I flew the 747 from egll-rpll I packed 100% and I was left with enough to keep going for another 5 hours by the end


There is no doubt an issue with your fuel consumption. I’d like you to check the following, in order to have proper fuel consumption:

  • Cruising Speed: should be Mach 0.85-0.86 on the B747.
  • Weight: make sure you’re taking off below MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight). The load will turn red in the “Weight and Balance” menu if you’re above MTOW.
  • Don’t climb to FL370 (or a high altitude) straight away. Use a proper flight planning tool like Simbrief which will tell you the initial cruising altitude and the step climbs you need to do. You can look up tutorials here on the forum by using the search bar on tutorials on how to use Simbrief and a guide to step climbs.

I hope this helped, please report if your issue is resolved. :)


If you are fire walling the throttle the entire flight then that sounds about right. But the 747 only does M0.85 (320kts IAS)

exactly understood

no, i usually fly around M 0.8 - 0.86

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I would stick closer to M .82/.83 as this will extend your range.