747 fuel problem

I’m flying a Qantas 747 from VIDP-YSSY in AIVA, I have around less than 80,000kgs of fuel and 8 hours of flight time left, will I make it?

Hello! Without giving the zero fuel weight of your aircraft, it’s not easy to tell but 8hrs of fuel doesn’t sound to be sufficient for the trip. If you’re looking for a fuel calculator/fight planner try fpltoif.com / simbrief.com. It would give you accurate weights and fuel calcultaions.

I’m at FL370 at Mach 0.85

@Bill_Jones… MaxSez: Next time you fuel up use “fuelplanner.com
No math, pen, calculator or wizwheel required.

(Tip: Use the Dash Board Features as shone in the pic to stay on top of Fuel state.)


Also check out this link compliments of deercrusher

I’m pretty sure I will land with barely any fuel left, hopefully I’ll not need to divert

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It will be close but i imagine that you will be fine as u use less during descent

Keep in mind that YSSY is busy today so expect delays on your approach. If you feel that you have insufficient fuel then it’s suggested to divert to fill up and continue your flight. Also keep in mind that as you continue flying your plane will get lighter thus your fuel consumption will decrease. This may help as well to optimize your flight range.

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Im pretty sure I’ll just about make it

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This is like a textbook algebra program 😂.

Good luck, hopefully your pax won’t need to swim the rest of the way to Sydney :)


At least your not forgetting to even put the fuel in like me 😂

I have around 6 hours left, with less than 60,000kgs

What I have found out about the B747 family is that you almost always need more fuel than you anticipated, almost 5-7 extra hours of fuel. Since the flight time from VIDP-YSSY is roughly around 11.5 hours, you should have loaded around 19 hours of fuel. I believe the B747-400 only offers around 18 hours though, so you should have maxed out when departing Delhi. 8 hours of fuel is not going to be sufficient enough to complete the flight. I would hope for some tailwinds along the way to increase your total traveled distance, but I would strongly advise you start prepping for a diversion to another airport within range. Hope this helps!

747 fuel will always be red/yellow for about the trip, as you burn fuel you get lighter and go higher as you probably won’t realize until the last 2-3 hours.

Touched down a couple hours ago with 5% left :)


When you had enough fuel and make it to your party