747 fuel problem

Hello everybody

I did lots of flights with the 747-4 and -8 but all the times it is always low on fuel…
Last flight i did was with a Lufthansa 748, i used simbrief for the fpl and fuel and I don’t remember really well but it seems me it was 113000 kg of fuel…the destination was LA
Above Amsterdam with an altitude of 34k feet i saw that the remaining fuel was about 6 hrs but the ETE was of 12 hrs!!!
The altitude was calculated with simbrief too…
And in the in game menu when i have fueled up the aircraft it said me approx 15 hrs
I’m going to fly the 748 again tomorrow, so can someone tell me how to avoid that problem?




Hey mate,

This almost seems like a SimBrief issue as I have flown 17 hours on the 744. If not, you must be one of the following things I would imagine;

  • extrememly heavy

  • Doing something to increase drag (flaps, spoilers)

If not, disregard SimBrief because it can cause issues quite often and fly using the est. time with the fuel load as that can be more effective at times. It seems like SimBrief is the issue here but if you still encounter issues using something else, let us know on this thread.

Remember, as realistic as we all want it to be, sometimes IF can have different physics than other simulators causing fuel loads calculated elsewhere to be inaccurate.

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Whenever I fly the 747 it burn 6 hours of fuel from takeoff to leveling off. I always put it 6-8 hours extra of fuel.

This is likely an issue with physics as heavy 747s in IF typically pitch up because it is back heavy. Only real solution is to put down a couple notches of flaps. May not be realistic, but it’s the only feasible option.

Thank u for ur reply, i actually was below MTOW but putting flaps really seems horrible, however i diverted to EHAM and everything went fine.

Not realistic, but tried and tested and works. In a worst case scenario, just wait for a 747 rework…

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Fpl to IF is really good, it’s quite simple and it has accurate fuel weights. If your using it just pick some extra fuel in just in case of headwinds

Yep, putting some flaps down massively increases the range. Try 20 degrees

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This is interesting cause one of the pilots in my VA was having this issue. from what it sounds like flaps work for increasing range? And how does this work? (If you know)

what I do is under the extra fuel add one hour and leave it and it generally does the trick I have seen it though where it will not show I have enough fuel until I am like 75% completed with the flight

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increasing flaps actually does the exact opposite

Use trim. I gain about a extra 2+ hours with trim set correctly. I find 40% to usually be good

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You would think so… somehow it massively increases the range on the infinite flight 747

So it’s a glitch?

Guess so, the 747 physics are just outdated

Hey, it is a simple issue. Your throttle setting might be high and thus the flight time showed below fuel gauge might be less. This can happen if you are climbing or if you are cruising at a high altitude or if your speed is higher than cruise speed. Try maintaining a speed of M0.855 at FL350 for the 744. You can easily fly the 744 for 12-13 hours.
Hope this resolves it :)

Yeah, that is what I was doing

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