747 fuel levels

Ah didn’t think about that, sometimes I can be so dumb 🤦

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Cruise at M0.80, after that trans-sonic drag kicks in (if that’s simulated), maybe divert to another airport?

Try to increase your trim to about +50% or +60%

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I wouldn’t recommend doing that, the optimum (most fuel effecient) speed is around the .84/.85 mark.


Welp we shall see. Worst comes to worse I fall out of the sky at 4 in the morning


747’s are outdated, they use so much fuel you will probably end up crashing because on long hauls you need like 3-4 hours extra depending on winds and you have maybe an hour left from my experience anyways

I’d suggest 60-70%, and use a fuel that fpltoif.com/simbrief gives you.

Trim seriously does make a massive effect in the 747.

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Actually I’m not gonna get grade demoted. I’m going to use the 772 😂

If you are worried about falling out the sky when away from your device, consider setting your flaps to 10/20 degrees to save fuel (its a bug/glitch with the physics), it will save you around 2-3,000 kg/h.


There are some good tips here.

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If worst comes to worst, pick out a few backup airports to land at in case of a fuel emergency. :)

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  1. Divert to a new destination
  2. Pit stop on the way
  3. Make a proper FPL using SimBrief starting with your next flight and chose 30 minutes extra fuel in the top right “options”

I do do that but fuel burn in IF compared to IRL is not the greatest

SimBrief is for flight simulation use only.
So it could be IF or SimBrief.

I can’t say I’m familiar with the B748, but I use SimBrief for every single of my flight and when it’s well configured (right departure time, route, load, etc…) and that I follow the recommended SimBrief FPL (waypoints, speeds, fuel and altitude) I never have problems. I mainly fly B777, B787, A350 and B744 as long haulers.
Over 1,300 flights and never had fuel shortage.

I did have fuel shortage issues with the A340 though.

Is that an issue with the B748 only?

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Hmm actually not sure but the 747 Physics are way off from any other simulator. No simulator should you have to put down 5° flaps to conserve fuel at cruise.

Wait what???
Where were you told do do that??

Is that even in the B748 Operator’s manual?
I’m cautious because we all have an improvement curve but in what context exactly would a flaps 5 at cruise altitude be a good option when showing possible fuel shortage ?
Could you clarify the math behind this please @Suhas?

This is just an IF glitch cause the 747 physics are soooo messed up. In no IRL aircraft would you use flaps at cruise


☝️ What he said

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