747 family upper deck view.

Hey everyone,

I think that an upper deck view would be great for the 747 family.

The 747s iconic (hump) serves a lot of airlines as first class decks. The view is very good and the engines look great. Maybe this could come with a 747 rework! Feel free to share your opinions on if this should be added or not.

Thanks for reading!

Don’t we already have a rightwing view?
No need for the time needed for something so simular in my opinion…


That’s better! I think this would be a cool plan! Maybe if the view was from inside the plane (through the window from inside), and you could see your seat/seats around you. That way it wouldn’t be so similar to the other views that already exist


Yes that is true, but It is a little higher and we could see the engines better.

A wing view rework would be good. I’d hope it would include a window frame and interior engine noises.