747 Cruising Unusually

I have been having some issues with the Boeing 747-8 and the Boeing 747-400. I love both planes but whenever I fly them and I get to cruising altitude the pitch of the aircraft is pointing up and not level like most of the other aircrafts in infinite flight.image If anyone could reply and show me how to fix it or if this is what everyone expirences with it. Thanks


I have this to, I think Its normal (i wasnt heavy)

Maybe you’re flying too slow. What’s your speed?

the 747, by design, cruises with a significant nose-up attitude. IF is just recreating real life ;)


I suggest using your trim to lower the nose. It will be more stable and it won’t pitch up so great


Here is a Type Rating Instructor explaining this


You also might need to Step Climb in able to stop this because you might be overweight. Use Trim too. Hopefully this helped!

This is normal Its not the Climbe rate.

Step Climbing isn’t about climb rate. It’s about burning fuel at a lower altitude than climbing up to do it again.


How do you step climb? I was using a heavy a380 and it was losing altitude and speed until it stalled

Which alt did you climb to at what VS?

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39 000 at about 1500

If you are flying a heavily loaded A380 you won’t be able to get straight to FL390. Climb to FL310 then to FL350 until by the end of your flight you get to a height of around FL370/390

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I really suggest you to read this: A Guide to Step Climbing
It will help you understand how step climbing works. Also, if you have Flightradar24 you can track a flight and see how they step climb

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Ok thanks how long should i wait between each climb?

Depends on your flight

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What bout dubai to kjfk?

I’d fly the first 3-4hours at the low altitude, then step 2000ft every 2-3 hours until I achieve my intended cruise.

I also watched the video posted above seems it explains it all and allows you to learn yourself with us spoon feeding it haha

You can also review some long haul flights on any of the flight tracking services (ie: Flightaware, Flightradar24) and see the step climbs if you need a visual of how its done in the real world.

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Hey guys, this isn’t related to climb of the aircraft. The 747, by design due to the positioning and shape of its main wings, always flies with the nose raised slightly. Maybe not as much as in this picture, but I assure you it’s noting to do with a climb