747 Crosswind Landing Dip


I was practicing crosswind landings and run into an issue.
I don’t seem to be able to prevent a 747 from dipping to one side after touchdown.

When I decrab just before touchdown, I’m perfectly lined up and straight.
After the main gear has touched down, when easing up on the rudder, before the nose gear touches ground, I’m still straight.
But then the aircraft starts to dip to one side until it has slowed down enough.

What am I doing wrong?

Does automatically coupling the ailerons and rudder (on the ground only) have anything to do with it?
Just tested it. It doesn’t.

Hope someone can help!


Even I have had the issue, don’t know why though. Any relation to the weight? …

No, I don’t couple them and I have this issue

Turned it off and the aircraft reacts the same. :(

I’ve also seen it while taking off and using the rudder to stay straight gently. The aircraft still dips to one side.
Is that common?

Yes, I try to counter attack it by tilting my device the opposite site of the Dip

But that causes the aircraft to roll when airborne and hit the ground with a wingtip, right?

So it’s all about when to ease up on the ailerons during take off.

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