747 control problems

I don’t know if I’m the only one experiencing this but the 747-8 tends to behave “weirdly” sometimes:

  1. When only the ALT and V/S modes are engaged - Disabling the ALT first causes serious nose up behaviour but once I disable the V/S ( I don’t know why it stays on even after ALT is disabled), the nose drops…like it’s a fighter jet or something.

  2. When reducing speed and extending flaps - The speed will sometimes go really low, causing the nose to pitch up and if you were trying to maintain a certain altitude it starts like oscillating above and below the set altitude.

  3. Flying nose down but not losing serious altitude - I landed at VHHH 112 IAS…which I don’t think is normal. In this scenario it’s as if you have max positive trim (even after calibration) .

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It’s an old aircraft, the physics aren’t really accurate.

Hey Whitaker!

  1. This could be because your device is not calibrated correctly or you are not using enough trim.

As for the other issues, the 747 is a very old aircraft in Infinite Flight. It’s physics are not accurate and up to date. A lot of older aircraft behave strangely simply because of this. Watch out going too slow and make sure you’re calibrated with enough trim when disengaging autopilot.

I’ve tried all trim settings I could think of and whatever correction I made ended up doing the opposite of what I wanted.
There was this time on the ground I had trim at 0% and calibrated the device. Funny enough the elevators were stuck in the nose up position…even after recalibrating like 3 more times. I just had to end the flight and start over again.

Are you calibrating in the exact position you want to control the device from? In addition, this issue only happens on the 747? Have you tried reproducing the issue on a different aircraft?

Yeah. It in the right position and I tried it on the 777 freighter and all was well.

Is this happening on all three variants of the 747, or just one (-200, -400, -8)?

I do believe that the issues you are having are related to the geriatric physics models of the 747 aircraft right now. Here’s a link so you can vote for the rework!

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