747 and other heavies below 10,00ft

Will there ever be a higher speed limit below 10,000ft for heavies?

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No, all aircrafts are subjected to the 250kts speed limit. Except for fighter jets


All aircraft IRL (excluding military) have speed restrictions of 250kts below 10,000ft. So changing that let alone for heavies wouldn’t be very realistic.


If your asking this because when your heavy and feel like your going to slow try to do exactly 248 kts or exactly 250Kts then as soon as you get over about FL105 Slowly start speeding up to around 275-280 kts until cruising Altitude

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In the US, what you may be eluding to is this small section as found in the regulations. While this is extremely rare, there are cases where this has occurred but as mentioned, extremely rare.

Due to its rarity, it would be safe to say that we will not see a change in the speed limit for heavies below 10k ft.


I think a better question is: Will we ever get to request high speed climbs


I’d assume not, otherwise you’d be seeing so many requests for high speed climbs to ATC. High speed climbs rarely happen IRL anyway, mostly under circumstances for air shows, or if a near MTOW Heavy / Super aircraft is on the verge of stalling at 250kts.

What speed do you want them at?

Could the Coastal Boundary Limit be implemented?

Ahh gotta ya, thanks

Not that I want🤣. I heard a pilot speak about using a high speed in the 747 so I wanted to see people’s opinion on the matter

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A333/339 and 747(all) would definitely give a bit better performance in IF by using a 270-280kt IAS climb speed <10000 at high to very high TOW. Implementation without it being abused is an entirely different matter.

Personally, I’d rather see something along the lines of 91.117B implemented.


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