747 & A380 Landing Competition GLOBAL EDITION @ WSSS - 211300ZOCT17 [CANCELLED]

Server: Training

Region: Singapore

Airport: WSSS

Time: 1300Z

NOTAM: *Greetings fellow pilots!Hop into the world’s biggest airliners for your skill,technique and precision to be put to the ultimate test.It has deemed to me that us,fanatic aviators , are always willing to showcase their skills in landing,Like they always say 'a good landing is one you can walk away from" that is indeed true.
Pattern work is to be used at WSSS,right traffic of 02C.You are judged base on your centreline offset,rate of descent and time of flare.Please notify me or @Julius97 for when you are willing to join.Gates are of your preference.
Happy Landings!



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how ever a GREAT landing is one when you can use the aircraft again!!


A good landing is when ur wheels are butter XD

What’s a region anyways?

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General Location or Area.

It was a joke. I was talking about how we don’t have regions anymore since global came out.


Lmao I guessed it haha.Wanna join? (Pls say yes)

Let me check if I can I need to make sure I have time.

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Actually I can’t make it. It’s too early in my time zone.

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I’m able to join, you can sign me up

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Roger doger.Ur the first one.

Kk, thanks. I will be there

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