747-8i fuel problems

I am currently doing a flight from LAX to Seoul and I loaded up with over 160,000kg of jet fuel I am cruising at .84 at 32,000 and it keeps saying I don’t have enough fuel to make it to Korea

Happens to me all the time, but I always have enough fuel.

I just ignore it.

You’ll make it. Fuel burn makes you lighter

The 747 family physics and fuel consumption is really old and outdated, this will be changed eventually when they are reworked

I was just thinking I needed to make a fuel stop in Anchorage

I’d say you’ll make it to Korea since you’ll get lighter as your flight progresses. However I’d avise you to keep track of your Fuel remaining and flight in general so you don’t get any shocking surprises. For example if you hit a big headwind that could really have an impact whether or not you’ll make it.

You really should be fine. Your fuel burn will decrease throughout the flight, and you can always do a slow climb up to higher altitudes as you get lighter.

The only emergencies fuel stop is Anchorage

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Ok I should be good I use Simbreif FPL to IF with step climbs

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