747-8i flying from frankfurt to sydney

I read somewhere that thats the FL and M. the 747 goes at, I suppose not

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Full tanks, thats a lot of weight. Anyway, i dont know that you wouldve been able to do it, it is a very long flight.

The 777 may be old, but it’s a very reliable and relatively efficient aircraft

Yes very! Its amazing

The flight is simply too long for the aircraft, especially due to the fuel burn range. 747 eats fuel up like crazy.


Next time you do this flight, i think you should have a layover, or use a more fuel efficent plane, ex: 777, 787, etc…

Maybe i’ll just turn the stop in singapore into a layover, that actually sounds fun

Currently sitting at singapore and have found some over scaled jet bridges, i’ll add a screenshot here soon

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Refuel up, and fly to sydney!

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