747-8i flying from frankfurt to sydney

I neep help, I’m flying a LH 747-8i from frankfurt to sydney and am currently southeast of singapore, the the plane only has a mere 3:40 fuel remaining time, I’ve been flying at FL350 the whole way, filled the tanks ALL the way up, and cruised at M.85, there was a mishap during the ascent which may have burned more fuel than I thought, It involved almost stalling, Do I have no choice but to land at singapore or can this somehow make it to sydney? theres currently only 80k lbs of fuel onboard.

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How long do you have left in the flight?

About 7 hours

You should also slow down, M85 is a bit quick for the 747, you should go to M83

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I’ve done this flight one week ago and I couldn’t make it in the 747-8.

Its cruise speed said .85 but good to know

Keel flying. 80k kg is enough to get you there, but there might be headwinds and you might be heavy

I’m going to try this one trick I know with the aircraft, if it doesn’t work i’m landing in singapore.

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its 80k lbs, and I know that isn’t much for a 747

Oh 80k Lbs, oh you may have an issue

How heavy were you at takeoff, are you step climbing, and what were your climb vertical speeds?

Qantas once flew a 747-400 from LHR to SYD but the plane was stripped out and was refulled on the taxiway just before take off after taxiing to the runway. It made it but it had to go to go to extremes.

In your case I would stop and refuel, maybe Perth or Darwin if you can make it, if you don’t want to stop in Singapore. Good luck

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VS never exceeded 2200, step climbing was used but the last “step” involved me not speeding up enough and stalling at FL300, and the plane was at 1.2M pounds at takeoff.

Im turning it around to singapore, because I can’t make it

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Wise decision 👌 😃

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Seems pretty good, but you might have been a bit too heavy to climb again. You should definitely divert, the 747 is not very efficient

I think 30-1H into the flight it had already gone through 20-30k lb of fuel, which is probably what has me in this situation but I’m going to try this route again sometime with the flaps 10 trick I learned on a FRA-CPT route, saved me a ton of fuel.

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Yeah or just fly a different plane

FL350 with a max tank on a heavy plane is VERY high, too high for the aircraft. .85 is high too. But it is a long flight. 747 burns fuel like hell.

I’ve flown from LHR-SYD several times with the 777-300ER and I think that is the absolute largest aircraft that can pull that 19h flight, so maybe I won’t try it again lol