747-8 too much fuel required

It seems like flying the 747-8 requires a lot of extra fuel in IF so how much extra fuel should I put?

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I normally shoot for +1hr scheduled flight time

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The 747-8 burns around 11000kgs of fuel per hour so multiply that by how ever many hours your flight will be and then add 1:30-2hrs extra. Not that you said this but, I don’t get why some say the 747 fuel situation is wrong or broken, I mean it maybe but to me it’s fine I can’t see a problem, just need to get the calculations correct.


Usually the fuel estimate calculation is horrible since the app doesn’t expect you to be above 90% throttle during the flight, so I put 2 hours of extra fuel in everything to make sure.

I put about 4 hours over but that might be too much lol

It depends on how long is your flight. If you’re flying Frankfurt to Los Angeles as Lufthansa 456 that’s 11 hour flight so make sure you have at least 13 hours 30min of fuel. I also recommend taxi with at least engines 1 and 3 on and then starting engines 2 and 4 prior for departure. Hope this works out for you

As some have already said, you can add a certain amount of fuel for each flight you take, or you can also (I recommend this) use simbrief to plan your flight and configure a fuel factor for the 747-8, that way it will already compensate this automatically when generating your flight plan.

When it comes to the 747-8 you’re better off putting +3.75-4.5hrs in from my experience.

For everyone in here referring to the real consumption figures… I don’t think the 748 in game goes off those correctly from what i’ve read elsewhere😉

Hey @Rohan2 👋☺️

What I tell you now sounds maybe weird but, but when you set flaps 10 on your Cruiselevel. You will reduce your Fuel Flow and improve/ increase your Range . It will be nearly 1:1 as shown in the menu :)

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