747-8 too big?

so I am just wondering why in real life a 747-8 can stay at Honolulu an in Infinite Flight not ? I love flying cargo planes and I really like flying the 747
( I would also like to have the 747-4F and a rework for the 747, but the staff is already developing enough… the 777 F is also great with life cockpit!)
But I onyl have this question… could anybody explain it to me?


This is one for the IF airport editing team to take a look at…


This is a known issue, with many airports worldwide in IF being affected. It will hopefully be solved soon.


Do you mean this is an IF issue or a Airport Editing issue?

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I believe that this is an issue with IF. I could be wrong though.

In general, It’s an issue.

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Sometimes it’s an IF issue, sometimes editing.


Its not an issue for IF, its a symptom of issues with airport editing. When we set aircraft sizes, they used to be +1 size of what we really put. Within IF, this update it was +0, which makes it more strict and correct as they are placed. Our editors just simply need to do more research to get them correct now, that’s all.


KPAE has an issue holding the 747-8 too

So does ELLX, home of Cargolux, who’s fleet is only 747-8 😂

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