747-8 Takeoff

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what trim and what speed to rotate to not tail strike the 747

It depends on weight but probably about 175-185 knots
And probably 10-15%
I may be wrong so don’t quote me on it though

My recent flight with 94% load was 177kts

I have 64 percent of fuel

Was it tailstrike

Trim depends on your calibration. The takeoff speed of the 748 would usually be 155-175 depending on your weight. Look at the topic I posted and you will see the takeoff/landing speeds for all aircrafts in the sim.

Can someone just tell me trim, fuel for 3 hour flight and rotate speed

Like I said before, trim will depend on how you calibrated your device.

Do you have other things like cargo and passengers? If you do, put 4-4:15 hours of fuel.

Assuming that you have only fuel and no pax/cargo, takeoff speed will be 155kts, if you do have pax/cargo, takeoff speed will be 165kts.

You will need Flaps 20 (yes you heard me right) if you’re really gonna get off the ground. Minimum 45 trim for heavy loads.

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Weight: Heavy w/o additional adjustments
170-175 kts
0 trim
flaps 10

You need more trim and that’s far too fast of a rotation speed

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