747-8 physics

I know that the 747-8 is ONLY getting tilted and and wing flex. But will they also do a small physics rework. Because I know you all know that flying that plane is bit of a pain


This hasn’t been mentioned or even covered, so I am going to avoid speculation as everyone else should. This is up to the devs and the only way we will know is either by confirmation or update release notes!


Thanks. I guess we’ll see

Yea, no problem!

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They stated it in the Q & A that the 747-8 got gear tilt and wing flex in 21.1

A question comes with this statement… Do they need to rework the physics to be able to add the wing flex? idk

If you think about it, the 787 also have wing flex with some bull**it physics, so the physics are not involved with this

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The only thing that has a reference towards new physics, and has been said by the devs and Dan, is that with the gear tilt, it’s now going to be easier and smoother to land :)

all older planes should be better to fly when the update drops so just be patient for some easier 747-8 flights.

In what context? Where did you get this information?

ur right, also the a330

Slowly started turning into speculation