747-8 or 777-200F

Which one should I buy???

  • 747-8
  • 777-200F

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I suggest getting a Live+ subscription for access to all aircraft and regions! It’s awesome and you won’t regret buying it! Or even just a Live subscription. If neither of those appeal to you, then get the 777-200F :)

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I prefer actually owning the planes and regions I purchase. I am buying each and every in-app purchase incrementally. I spent over a hundred dollars in November, compared to eight dollars so far in January. I prefer the 747-8 over the 777-200F, just for it’s range and capabilities.

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If you have enough money for two, both of them. If one, the 772F is great fun! I love the cargo liveries on it. :)


777f has much better flight physics

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