747-8 Landing Issue

I stopped flying the 748 for a while since it has quite a few problems. I used the recommended 161 knots for landing (from wiki) and the plane pitched down. I trimmed 20% up, and I managed to save it. However, the problems do not end there. At 30 feet, I flared nicely for a smooth landing but the plane ended up slamming onto the runway. I saw the right main gear go through the ground, and it ground looped onto the grass.
I think this is a physics issue. Can anyone fix these? Thanks.

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if it went through the ground, i suggest you go to settings and clear scenery cache. The refresh can help take away these types of problems but if it dosen’t work, come back to the forum and we can address this further

It is a bit of an older model, but it shouldn’t be that unbearable.

That’s a great start, however I tend to prefer 30-40% with the heavier Boeing jets, they seem to handle better with a bit more trim.

This will happen with any aircraft if you flare too early, which seems to be the case here. I’d recommend a flare closer to 20 feet, just so you can maintain that speed and prevent stalling onto the runway.

As I stated earlier, the physics aren’t quite up to date, but they could use some polishing. If you’d like to vote for this improvement, check out the feature request I’ve linked.

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