747-8 issue

I have a short question.
I am flying a 747-8 with 16h fuel … when I was at 36,000ft, I only had fuel for 9h. How can that be ? I mean winds were like 44knts …
can you explain it to me


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Hello! Did you step climb?

That’s normal at the start of a long haul. As you burn fuel that will go up. The reason for this is because when you’re big and heavy at the start of a long haul, you’ll use more N1 to maintain cruise speed but as you burn fuel you’ll become lighter making you use less fuel and becoming more efficient. Sometimes you’ll find at the start you think you didn’t pack enough fuel and then you realise towards the end you packed in 6 hours too much

Edit: If it’s really too low, it may be because you didn’t step climb like what @Speedyyy said, but even if you do it’s perfectly normal for your fuel remaining ETE to be lower than your arrival ETE, and I know from experience the 747 is affected by this a lot
So if you’re a bit high, like FL320+ try descending a bit, wait until your a bit closer to your destination then tell us how it goes


You may be too heavy for that altitude.
Edit: or what @timshan05 said above.

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Thanks for this detailed text …
I really appreciate it!
I will let you know how it was😆


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