747-8 high pitch

I just bought the 747-8 and I love it. However, whenever I put it on autopilot ascend (climb) the nose starts of normally, but then it goes super high and I begin to stall. I have not had this problem on any other planes so I hope that this has caught your attention. I would like to see an improvement in the next update, good day.🤗

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Is it something similar to this?

Too heavy for the altitude you’re going to.

Cruise lower and then as you get closer to landing, climb a bit.
There is also an app that will help with this, coming to a store near you soon™


I had this to in the 747-4 I was flying at FL 320 and my nose was super high up I wasnt heavy I returned to EHAM after two hours flying it took to much feul with the nose so high up (I cruised at maximum speed) I tried al the speed from M0.84 to M0.88

Same thing happens to me on the 747-8. I don’t know what is causing it but I figured out a way around it.

1- Start the autopilot as soon as you depart from the runway
2- Set the vertical speed and cruising altitude as soon as you switch on the autopilot
3- The plane will either pitch up or pitch down above/below the assigned vertical speed, this is normal and should resolve itself in a couple of seconds
4- if it doesn’t resolve, move around the vertical speed setting in the opposite direction of the miscalculated pitch and then back (eg. if the plane is going at +5000 ft/min while it’s assigned +2400, move it from +2400 to +2000 for half a second then immediately back to +2400)

Hope this works for you

Do you also have this problem when you bring up the flaps?

Try setting everything except for the vertical AP and fly it up to whatever ALT you want to go to and then bring it down to 0ft/min and set the AP see if that works. I’ve tried that with the 787 before.

What do you set vertical speed to?

When ascending, you have to keep your altitude in mind. Closer to the ground you may be ascending with a vertical speed of 2500 but as you go higher you need to lower your VS. Otherwise your speed is impacted and you stall.

Stalling is not the same issue as the nose bobbing up and down with AP on.

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This is a great guide that shows you what your VS should be throughout your climb.

Something else to point out is that the 747s have a pretty high flap up speed. You usually will be raising the flaps 5 to flaps 1 at around 240kts even when not near MTOW. At MTOW you will be keeping the flaps at 5 until 245KIAS.

These are the flap speeds for each flap setting from a flashcard site used for studying for one’s type rating on the 747-400/8


Just to be clear, these are the flap extension limits, not the speeds at which you should actually extend flaps to each setting. They are the maximum speed at which you can extend the flaps -i.e the speed at which you can set that level of flaps without worrying about breaking them. As soon as you get under 280 kts you could set up to flaps 1. These flap extension limits are on the placard above the gear lever in the cockpit.

In reality you don’t set the flaps as soon as you reach the flap extension limits, there would be no need to do so. The typical flap extension schedule, i.e. when you might expect to set each level of flaps on the approach would be lower than the limit speeds.

Yes but that is to give the idea of range you may be going up to for climb out. There is no need to be in clean config at 220KIAS (especially when it causes your angle of attack to be too high)

To give an example of flap speed limits. Here is th ones for the 77W. Notice how the 747 has higher limits

Maximum Flap (Placard) Speeds
Flaps KIAS
1 255
5 235
15 215
20 200
25 190
30 180

And yes as @ATK pointed out this isnt you flap schedule but it is showing you just how much indirectly how much more speed is needed before you go into clean configuration.

Since this thread has turned into a “How to fly the 747” thread, lets give @Boeing747-8i a chance to respond.

@Boeing747-8i, it would be extremely helpful if you could provide an image or video of the issue you are having. Otherwise we are all just googling and throwing out random answers to a question that we do not know.