747-8 Autoland

After speculating for a little I realized the new 747-8 has a new and very so fisticuffs Autoland system! I have been playing IF for long enough to know that less advanced aircraft even have this feature. I am surprised with the new update that auto land don’t come out for the 747-8. I think it is time for it to shine and receive the APPR system!✈️😊


Please leave your feedback below.

AL isnt used by everybody unless its a low vis appr, most people like having full control of their plane i personally prefer manual:), Theres a decent amount of people who like this auto system but i personally dont think its a necessity.


I honestly like landing manual but I need it in the Low visibility conditions


If you don’t like it, don’t use it. There are some people (including myself) that would like to see the APPR feature on some different aircraft.


It takes the fun away

Like I said, don’t use it if you don’t want to.

In lowvis you can still do manual i just get my altitude right speed right and watch the glideslope while im coming in:)

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I dont thats why i stated i personally prefer manual

I would have FDS release global flight 2 weeks eaarlierrather than have stuff like this cause delays…

I have don’t have any problem will any aircrafts that are actually equipped with this having it. Whether you like it using it or not is irrelevant when it comes to having a more realistic simulator.

Autoland CAT lll landings is used in real 747-800 and athought regular ILS approaches and visual approaches are more frequent their is no reason not to include a the APPR feature in this aircraft in the primary reason that it exits in the real aircraft. I agree a hand flown visual landing is perhaps “better” in the sim
but that’s not a good argument to eliminate this feature.
If so why have it at all in any AC ??

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Hey good job vote on your own request please 🙂

I love this request. I think it can be developed with this one:

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Same, nice request! This could also be implemented when we eventually get an AutoLand Rework - it is not good at the moment!


Personally, I don’t use APPR. Even when there is only 1/4nm visibility, I land without it. So much more fun. You click a button and all the work is done for you. And not even properly. Basically as soon as you click that button the airplane starts to do some extreme altitude and heading corrections at first before stabilizing.


This is definitely needed, but I’m out of votes.