747-8 at KMSP

UPS has now begun flying routes regularly through KMSP with their 747-8s. Unfortunately, KMSP does not currently allow 747-8s to spawn at any gate. Can this be easily edited with the airport editing team or does this need to become a features request?

I see that there are feature requests for the UPS livery to be added, so it would be nice to be able to fly out of KMSP should the livery be added soon!


I don’t know the answer to that question you can probably @ someone from the team through their thread

Hey there,

The Airport Editing Team is aware that all airports are changing. Fortunately, our team member @Aceorbit (a Minnesota native) is currently working on this airport from scratch. We don’t know when he’ll be finished.

Other things to know, there are no places for users to request airports to be edited, generally the airport editors are free to choose the airport to work on. It’s also worth to remind everyone that we’re a group of volunteers willing to dedicate part of their time to improve the airports for Infinite Flight. We’re not part of Infinite Flight LLC.



Your work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated! If Aceorbit is reworking on the airport, I am sure he has already taken the spawns into consideration. Can’t wait to see his finished product.


Hey, thanks for the tag. Have no fear, this airport is being built from the ground up will be reworked to its full potential in Infinite Flight. I’m currently adding the markings of the airport which means I’m about 70% done. I know exactly the issues you are talking about and I have in fact taken these spawns into consideration. This and much more will be fixed when the airport is updated in-game.

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PS: During one of my little field research trips at MSP I managed to snag a pic of it :P



That’s a great catch!

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Awesome photo! I live about 10 miles west of the airport and have seen them fly overhead at about 5,000 ft but haven’t made it to the spotting area yet. I’ll gladly wait the last 30% to see the airport completely overhauled.


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