747 400 Throttle Bug

I was waiting to takeoff from KSAN when the throttle slider moved but the slider showed 0% and I had no power on all 4 of my engines here’s a screenshot

Does anyone else have the same issue

Apple I Pad air
iOS 9.3.3

Please comment if you have a solution or are experiencing the same issues.


I don’t have this issue, but I don’t use the same platform as you. In that case, I can’t help.

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Try to engage AP and then disengage again, or just engage auto throttle and disengage again.


It looks like you are on solo. Did you happen to go into replay mode then exit replay mode? If so it might have glitched out

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No I did not, the power would just not go up.

That happens mostly during repeated replays…got it too once"after the update"to fix just end and restart flight!thats all

Do you have a list of steps one can use to reproduce the issue?

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Have you managed to reproduce it? If so, do you have the throttle bug in other planes also? Live and solo?

Try playing with the replay short final and take off it should come at some point…that’s what i was doing when it happened to me

No I do not have it in other aircraft but lake @Phoenix1 said that is the way to reproduce it… But it is fixed now thanks

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