747-400 struggle

I am a new player, i always try to climb to 32000ft with the 747-400, but i just end up stalling or just not make it, any tips? I really want to use the 747-400 for once but i am about to give up.


What’s your climb rate?

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Hi, maybe your climb rate is too high for the altitude. Or (most likely) you’re too heavy for the aircraft to maintain stable flight at that altitude therefore stepclimbs are required

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Are you using flaps?

Maybe try step-climbing. It takes longer, but it’s more realistic and safer.

A climb to 32,000 shouldn’t be too difficult with the 747.

Here is an official takeoff tutorial from developers. It isn’t specifically for the 747-400, but it may help: Takeoff Procedures Tutorial - YouTube

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Hey, make sure you are not going right up to 32’000ft in one go or else you will stall. I have had that before. Check this helpful tutorial on step-climbing

I would make sure your vertical speed is below 2500 and your speed is sufficient for the altitude

Step climb in any heavy widebody, and step climb in the a330 no matter what weight.
I suggest taking the climb 1 step at a time.

You were to heavy, if you to heavy and at high altitudes, you WILL stall out and crash

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The B747-400 is a heavy bird and needs to be flown with respect. It all boils down to your flight planning. If you use Fpltoif.com coupled with simbrief not only do you get a flight plan that you can plug straight into IF, but will also give you amount of fuel to load, speed and height to fly at with any step climbs and the correct VS to use.

Use this and follow it and you will find it works every time.

Good luck and happy landings

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747’s start a much lower cruise level to burn off the weight of all the fuel you’re carrying (typically FL280 or 290 is the first cruise altitude you start at). A couple of hours into the trip you can climb up to FL300 or FL320.

The VS should be no more than 1500 past 10,000 and less than 1000 past FL200.

As for Fuel, carry 4 to 5 hours more than what is required, you’ll need all of it!

These speeds and angles work for me, though they might not be prototypical of real life procedures.


It’s a bad idea to fly at FL280 IMO because it’s technically possible for the speed AP to misbehave at the altitude if outside temp keeps changing.

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I climb with the 777-200ER at +1700ft/min till 31 000 ft perfectly what do u guys usually climb at.

Eh, maybe when im reaching 12000ft i turn it to 0

My climb rate is 1900-2500

usually 1900-2500

Thanks, do you know what altitude i should get to first?

if you are very heavy maybe FL280/290/300