747-400 starts moving

I just turned on IF and I wanted to do I city hopper from KSMO-KLAX-KPSP-KSAN-MMTJ-KLAX and as soon as I spawned in KSMO it started moving at takeoff speed, I thought I made a mistake but it was at 0% so I restarted then it did it again so I respawned at KLAX in stead but it keeps doing that

RCA voyager 2
Latest version of IF

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Checked the AP?

I suspect that your device is currently not supported by Infinite Flight, I’m not sure. Search around the community and you should be able to find others with the same device with other problems as well.

Ya lor dk what this RCA Voyager is lol I thought it was a plane at first

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Hmm reminds me of a real video of a GA aircraft “taking off” due to winds lol


The 747 family along with some others tend to roll when the brakes are not applied, however I’ve only seen this up to ~8 kts. I’ve never reached takeoff speeds from this.


In the later models idle power is simulated

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