747-400 not having enough fuel to get to LAX from BNE

I tried to fly the 747-40l from YBBN To KLAX but about an hour into the flight the plane was struggling to get speed and lift even though I was at 100% power. YAS anyone else had this problem?
Thanks for the help everyone.


What altitude were you at? Also, what was your speed?

The plane’s cargo and fuel was probably too heavy, that’s what is often the cause and the speed can’t go any further after the speed has maxed out. Also it was probably that you were climbing way too high.

And it is also likely because of your rate of climb. Usually with the 747, fuel can run out very fast on climb, and that is why you should be really careful with monitoring your climb ;)


The 747 is an outdated aircraft and doesn’t have the correct fuel output. To use the amount of fuel you put in the aircraft correctly, leave the aircraft on flaps 10.


Does that actually work? Wow I never knew that

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Yes it does. It may pitch up or down, with the engines thrust up for a few seconds, then the flaps will pitch the aircraft down, whilst creating lift. To reduce the lift, the engines will cut down to a normal cruise speed.

Without the flaps you’re basically stalling the aircraft at cruise.

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Hmm ok interesting. By the way, were you once a regular before?

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I’ll PM you quickly to not clog up the thread.


This isn’t the best most realistic solution, but with the Boeing 747’s strange lift to drag ratio, I have a short cut. Set the flaps to 10 degrees, it will make the angle of attack a lot less than what it was and required thrust to maintain speed decreases a significant amount.

Let me know if this helps.

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Too heavy. You should make you climb out step by step.

Oh okay. I think i did have a fast climb too.

Thanks, I will try to make the plane lighter.

Will try this too. thanks for the help

I was at FL360 and going mach 0.86

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