747-400 fuel findings

I’ve been seeing a few post about issues with the fuel on the 747-400, people saying they keep running out or using more fuel than it should in general, yes I agree the numbers on the fuel slider in the app aren’t exactly accurate, so I took to the sky to do some rigorous testing to learn more about its characteristics.
Before I continue I want to say that these are only the figures that I have found through experience, not saying they are wrong or right.

I’ve done this test in solo mode as live was giving off to many unstable fuel flow readings to work out an average due to turbulence and changing winds.

Solo mode was set to
Wind 0knots
Temperature -45 Celsius

Hopefully you can see from the file that I flew at different loads and took fuel readings from 5 different altitudes between FL300 and FL380 to find the most efficient altitude for each load factor, and consistently found that step climbing decreases the efficiency over a long haul flight

A couple of other things I noticed during this was that anything over mach 0.85 drastically decreased fuel economy, also the pitching problem while retracting flap settings from 10-1-0 during climb out I found the flaps only extend after 10 and retracted after 10, may be the reason to the sudden pitch I’m not sure


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