747-400 bad rudder effect

The IF 747-400 has almost no rudder effect at high speeds after touch down, even flying it within crosswind limits.
Not like the real thing. Needs a change!

*i have flown 747 in full flight sim several times, and the rudder actually works well from touchdown to slow speed.

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I think the 747 400 needs work but I do not know if it’s a failure or not

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Could u possibly show a video?
Also when u say “high speeds”,how many knots is it,u shouldn’t be landing in “high speeds,” u should be at normal unless u r fooling around on causal

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At MLW i fly Flaps 30 with 155-160 Knots.
Especially after derotation large rudder inputs have low steering effect.

Why are u landing when u are MLW
U can only land below MLW unless you have a fuel emergency
160 is a little fast
Maybe that’s why
I’d still recommend u send a video

Isn’t 160kts a bit too fast? I usually land at 140-145kts and the rudder works fine at those speeds :)


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