747-400 AP Stalling

I was flying at 160 knots, as TFFR Tower told me to maintain slowest practical speed.

How to reproduce:
1: Open IF
2: Select any 747-400
3: Fly to an altitude of FL200
4: Start to descend to 3,000 at -1,500 to -2,000fpm
5: Slow speed to 160KIAS at 5,000.

Device Info:
iPhone 5
iOS 9.2
A321 Version of IF

I don’t see what the bug is here.

Well, at 160kts, you should have flaps at 30°.

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It stalls at 160 KIAS, which is near the landing speed.

I was told to maintain slowest practical speed due to a United 737-800 ahead of me. I took off the flaps because of the stall warning

Flaps give you the ability to maintain lift at lower speeds. What was your load?


But not fully raise them, at 210kts flaps should have been at 10° or 20°

50% (filler)

I was raising it to 240 knots, but my finger slipped

Did you recover ok?

I was barely able to. A button to declare an emergency would be really useful. I was stalling until 1,000 feet, and the terrain was a little mountainous in the area.

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Don’t start😂

You could’ve called a go around, I guess

I was on right base at the time

In future just remember that slowest practical speed also means “safe speed” . It does not mean you need to put the brakes on, sorta speak :)


Your weight couldn’t have been at 50%. I don’t see this a bug either, just a pilot error. :)

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The exterminator has spoken, not a bug.


Maybe the pilot has a bug…

Swarmed by flies

It was at 50%. I just don’t keep it on the status bar.