747-400 and 767 Engine Sound Upgrade

With the 757 being released soon, there are many features to look forward to. One of the most exciting ones is the new engine sounds. The developers have said that the engine sound used will most likely be the rb211 sound. With this sound being generated and released, it would be nice for this sound to be applied to the 767 and 744 because they both use the rb211. This would allow for the most possible realism in the shortest amount of time possible. Hope you vote for this!




You have my vote. Very smart. Hopefully engine sounds don’t have too much backend behind them


You can continue here :)

This is not really the same as that topic. While that is broad, this is specifically because of the pending update.

Making an engine sound takes countless hours. It can take over a week just to get the sound package right. I’m sure that the sounds will be introduced eventually, for now it’s just a waiting game. The topic linked above should cover everything that this one does.

also, i believe for #features category, there is only one picture per request

The whole point of this topic is that the engine sound is already being created because of the 757. It is only a matter of adding the sound pack to the other airplanes.

And that’s why I feel it should go in the broad engine overhaul topic. These topics are made every once in awhile and are always directed back to that thread. Simply because it’s a good thread!

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See the feature request linked by the Freak. lol. 😜