747-300 Trijet concept

Hey everyone some people might know this some might not but i found it very interesting, i was reading a topic where people were imagining the new GE 777X engines on a twin jet 747 and i just wanted to mention that boeibg came close to a non 4 engined 747 below is concept images and a back story about it from boeing-747.com:

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Boeing studied the development of a shorter 747 with three-engines to compete with the smaller L-1011 TriStar and DC-10. The 747 trijet would have had more payload, range and passenger capacity. The center engine would have been fitted in the tail with an S-duct intake similar to the L-1011’s. However, engineering studies showed that a total redesign of the 747 wing would be necessary. Maintaining the same 747 handling characteristics would be important to minimize pilot retraining. Boeing decided instead to pursue a shortened four-engine 747 that resulted in the 747SP. In the 1990s, the Boeing 777, a long range twinjet airliner smaller than the 747-400 entered service in the market where the 747-300 had been targeted.

Tbh this is how i found out why they made the 747sp :)


It just shows the ideas boeing had for this marvellous aircraft:)


Would of been one interesting bird. Great find.


That’s ugly…


After seeing lots of 747s, the trijet 747 looks so strange😂


I feel like that would sell well, as there is a large capacity, but more fuel efficient, as only 3 engines

I had seen this, the tail looks massive. Would’ve definitely been an interesting aircraft.

I prefer the 4 engines for the bird. Looks better

A 747 without 4 engines just doesn’t seem to be right…

There was also talks of the 767 having a trijet variant. They just wanted to keep adding seats to it really.

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Wow I did not knew this! It looks awesome

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So glad they didnt do it!

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The 747 twin jet would work for the sp

It would be cool if they released on now a days, like a 747 with the new GE9X, one on each wing, and then another short but longer version on the tail. That would look pretty cool with with the 748I’s wings.

omg grandma of the MD11F


Hahahahah man, that looks so horribly disproportioned. I love it!


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