747 200F Liveries

I think it would be a good idea to add some cargo liveries to the 747 200 (like on the 747 8) some examples are
Air India Cargo
Lufthansa Cargo
China Airlines Cargo
Air France Cargo
MK Airlines
Saudi Arabian Cargo
Air Bridge Cargo
Evergreen International
Atlas Air
Martinair cargo
If you can think of any other liveries let me know in the comments😄

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Thank you I’ll change my name soon

Thank you for both😄

Nippon Cargo
Air Afrique Cargo
NWA Cargo

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I don’t know is it just me, I can’t stand long haul livery anymore and can’t wait to see A320 and short haul liveries like UK ones EazyJet, RyanAir, Norwegian…I’m not trying to hijack topic. Sorry. Tired of big aircrafts I still fly 777-200F I don’t know why.

large cargo aircraft (like the 747 200F and 777 200F) often fly short routes😄

Don’t forget Kalitta, one of the few airlines which is still operating the B742.

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Are you sure about that…?

747-200F still flies AMS-JFK semi-regularly.

777F can fly very long distances, LEJ-JFK semi-regularly.

Other LCAs other than A300-600STs fly long routes

Kalitta Air
NWA Cargo

In addition to the cargo liveries i’d love to see the Swissair livery too!