747-200 Camera in Wrong Position

Version Information

You can find this in the About page of Infinite Flight. Example: 21.01 (1052)

21.01 (still no idea where to find the build number)

Device Information

Example: iPad 8th Generation, iOS 14.2

Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android 11)

Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?



Describe issue here

747-200 Bottom camera in wrong position

Steps to reproduce

Spawn in the 747-200 and select the “Bottom” camera

Expected results

Describe the expected result

Camera is in right place

Actual results

Describe what actually happened. Example: app crashed when pressing “Fly” in the main menu

Camera is in wrong place

More Information

You can find this by tapping “Settings” → “About”, the version and build number should be on the top left corner.

Hope this helps!


This has been a issue with a few aircraft and is being worked on.

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Just fixed it.


Great! Thank You!