747-200, -8, SCA, SOFIA glitch

As you can see, between the rim and the pane of the 747’s there is a small gap allowing you to see the ground.


WOW! never noticed! nice catch! :)

Must be a little breezy on the flight deck!


I don’t seem to have that issue in the iPad!

Your picture also shows a whit line like area between the windows on the bottom of the screen.
My guess is that shouldn’t be there either.

I just checked and I don’t have the issue on my phone (Android) either.

Weird. I have max settings

Which 747 variant was this?

I have max settings too.
Is there something I can try to reproduce it?
What’s your device and OS?

It is seen on the -200 and the SCA. I’ll edit this post as I check each variant.
The -400 or the does NOT have this.
The -8’s slit is smaller but is still there.
The SOFIA’s slit is tiny but is till there.

I only tried the 400. Will try the 200 now.

Air 2
64 GB

I also don’t have the issue with the 200 or the 8.

I’ll see if I have the issue

Well I don’t.

Really? I don’t think so.

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Yours doesn’t look right either!
You seem to have a gap as well.
Just compare it with the images above.

@Jan @GordenW… I do have it… Hmm…

But on the -400 there is not even the tiniest of gaps

That is so weird!
Here they all look exactly the same.