739 Alaska to PAJN

oh yeah I forgot to share it, this is the result of my flight last week before updating with the IFPI organization according to the advice of you who want me to try PAJN flight

  • Expert Server
  • Flight Time 1hr42mn
  • Route CYYJ to PAJN

so let’s see

and the last one is the picture that I like the most

PAJN is one of the favorite places😁


You meant 739? lol

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i love PAJN too

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Oh yeah I forget 😁😆

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Great pictures! Glad you went to PAJN.

because it’s the first time to go to that place😃

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Little mistake ;) great photos :)

I love seeing so many people at the best airport (other than KCLT). Awesome photos, and bonus points for flying to Alaska!

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