739 Alaska Airlines Again

again and again, why always use alaska airlines? Is the livery really pretty?

“Of course, this livery is very pretty and can be a favorite”

  • Server : Expert
  • Flight Time : 1hr41mn
  • Route : KSFO KSEA

decrease the height before landing

Landing 34L

Last in the Parking

where should I go next?


These are amazing! I always love any Alaska livery. They’re so beautiful!

Go to or from PANC next (and land on 7R and takeoff on 15 or 33 please :)


Of course, my plan will fly there :)

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Wow! Lovely pictures :)

Looks like a great flight, love that livery. I will be trying this later!

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Beautiful photos! Glad to see this livery getting some love.

My good friend @anon38496261 decided to send the message over kindly, but what he really means is the following…

If you land or takeoff from the 25’s, let’s just say us Alaskans aren’t afraid to bite” 😈

This is obviously a joke. I just need to make sure everybody knows that.

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Cool pics!

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Really nice pictures of the More to Love livery! Thanks for sharing!

Very cool background and perspective with that one!

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