737's and 757-200 a321 Transatlantic flights?

Best Transatlantic Narrowbody routes using 737’s and 757-200 a321? I know that SAS uses a321 for transatlantic operations and Delta, American, United uses 757-200 and Norwegian Air Shuttle uses 737-800

YHZ-DUB YHZ-LGW, YYT-LGW all on 737s (westjet)
EWR-MAN is the only on i know of on the 757.
and most A321s are Neo, LR version flying and other 737s were mostly MAxs.

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You forgot Spicejet they are planning routes to the US from India in an B737


There are quite a few… I would just google it to see what my options are:

Or if you have a particular route in mind:

Also, here’s an interesting article:

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A321 Philippines airlines Manilla - Sydney.

Not transatlantic but a good 8hr flight!

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There’s the good old EGLL-EINN-KJFK-EGLL on the BA A318
Also, the longest A319 flight record according to wikipedia is a flight from Dusseldorf to Chicago. I’ve done it once. It was operated by another airline for LH so I’m not sure what livery they used, I just used LH A319.

Are you sure about that…might want to check your source again.

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This is for the A319, but Air Canada used to fly CYYT-EGLL (pre-covid)

It could happen. They’re planning to register some 737s for flights to the U.S.

Full application: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=DOT-OST-2020-0240-0001


Looked into it, it came from Interesting: SpiceJet Plans Boeing 737 USA Flights by Joanna Bailey at Simple Flying so I trust where he/she got the information from.

yes I know there are other sources out there about this

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