737NG Production

As you may or may not know, the last 737NG was delivered to KLM but this got me wondering, why is Boeing stopping production? Does anyone know why?

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Because there’s a newer model. Why don’t they make the iPhone XS anymore? Why not the 2018 edition of cars? Any airlines who are ordering a 737 are getting a MAX now…


I thought Boeing cut production on the Max?

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Strange because no new 737 Max’s can be delivered neither can the 737NG’s now.

Like the IPhone 11 Pro MAX lol

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Teehee the 2015 Subaru WRX is the same as the 2020 WRX looool

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Ok, we’ll wait. Everyone is all over the fact that production is being halted temporarily the problem is though that now everyone has orders for the MAX. All the NG orders have been flushed out as per planned. They can’t just give airlines who ordered the MAX an NG and call it good. There are no more orders for the NG, so no need to produce it. The production halt will effect delivery times and what not, but the grounding already has…



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Do you think that Boeing have stopped production of the NG as part of their plan to boost orders of the MAX. Since there are no other options of the 737, I guess airlines have to order the MAX.

Ok lol.

Let’s get back on topic since I accidentally have steered this off course! 😅

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No, they didn’t say no more NGs yesterday. More or less as soon as the MAX was out that’s what airlines were ordering. The NG has been officially out of production for a while since it was no longer ordered and had a rough timeline for production to halt. This is way less of a big deal than a lot of people seem to be thinking. This was simply the last 737NG in the backlog…

According to these sites, Skymark Airlines took the last 737NG, I assume it was the last 737NG ever produced.

After doing some research, the original 737NG intended for KLM was supposed to be sent to the airline early this year, but the airframe had some issues so it was scrapped and a new one was built. I concluded that PH-BCL is the last 737NG to be delivered, but not the last to be manufactured.


I personally don’t think this delivery means the end of the 737NG production. @HiFlyer and I agreed that this version of the 737 has become very popular since it was launched, who knows if a customer comes in and places an order for the NG version.


If you’re interested in tracking the flight, here’s the link:

Last 737NG delivery flight:

The P-8 Poseidon will be produced for a while, so the line will be kept open.

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The solution for airlines looking at getting 737s right now?..AiRbUs A³2⁰NeO

in all reality though I really like the A320ceo/neo

Its been a good run for the NGs. Time to place our hopes in the triumphant return of the MAX.

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Boeing only paused production on the MAX, if I’m correct

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Yes. They only paused it.

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