737NG Controls

Hey all,
I’m, currently making a list of all the 737s controls, buttons, switches, lights, etc. I am missing a few (not findable on google) that I need help with. I have a list below:

No smoking and seat belt signs
Leaver of some sort in the middle. (what’s the name?).

The triangle light above the circuit breaker panel brightness knob.

Artificial horizon
Switch with OFF, APP and BCARS (I need to know the name of the switch).

Thank you very much to anyone who can help!
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If I can get the answer to those then I can unload photos (like these three) of every single control, switch, button etc in the Boeing 737NG cockpit and their names!

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  1. The leaver in the middle is not a switch to use in the cockpit. It’s a safety guard for when dismounting the overhead. Mechanics use it so they can “lower” the overhead without actually making it all fall down.

  2. The “triangle” is the centre pedestal flood light. :)

  3. The dial with the “2” on it? That is the artificial horizon cage switch. You can also displace the actual marker on the horizon.

Hey @Mats_Edvin_Aaro,
Thanks so much for the help! With the third one, I was meaning the switch to the left of it sorry.
Thanks again so much!

To be honest I’ve never seen that dial. I can try to do some research.

Ok, thanks. Don’t worry about researching, I’ve been looking for weeks with no luck!

Already found it ;)

Allright, so what it is, is kind of a standby flight director. If you are recieving an ILS signal on one of your radios, you will get a horizontal and a vertical bar on the horizon, much like the flight director lines on the PFD. If you set it to APP, it will follow a normal ILS approach. If you set it to B/CRS, it will follow something called a Back Course approach (basically flying the ILS wrong direction, then turning on course).

Thanks a lot again! May I ask how you found it?

Apparently, the back course approach is basically the ILS (with lateral guidance) but without any glide slope information.

in fsx there’s a keystroke that will bring up all the panels, if you access to a windows pc tho

Hey @KindaAngrySliceOfPie, I actually have a Macbook not and windows computer, I don’t have fsx either, also this is for the real-world cockpit and I can almost guarantee that the fsx 737 cockpit is different. But that’s anyway for your response!

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