737MAX Production Long Exposures!

Goodnight, IFC,

Here are some long exposures (1 min for most) taken at KRNT (737 MAX Factory) I took these while standing at my favorite spotting location at night for 45 minutes. I was someone standing in a black sweater in the same place for 45 minutes in the dark.
Black sus
All jokes aside, let’s get to it!

A BUZZ Air 737MAX outside the factory where it was made days earlier

A few MAX-8s chilling at night (sorry the wind kept on moving my camera for this shot)

Dawn rising as the Buzz 737 still waits to be tested

The 737 production line…

They only open those doors at night (presumably for security reasons), so that is why the picture is blurry. I am sorry for the wind and slight rain moving the camera.

Thank you!


I want the 737MAX flying again


Fantastico Pictures!
I’ve toured the Boeing field production plant before. The one where they build the heavies. It was really cool!


@IF-Mallorca I agree 😔

@AviationFreak thank you! I have been to Everett too, it’s pretty cool 😎

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Should I do more long exposure spotting topics?

If the pictures are good yes 😂

Jkjk yes you totally should


These are some amazing shots!

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Thank you so much!

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Do you have a close up of that Ryanair 737 max?

Nice photos!

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Unfortunately, I do not…

sorry about that.

here is an article about it though :)

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